Saturday, 25 July 2009

Woollongong Pelagic

I joined the SOSSA team this weekend for my first pelagic trip. We travelled 20 nautical miles out from Woollongong to the continental shelf and back again. Here's a few of the bits we chummed in along the way. NB The water was warm and there was not a breath of wind - bad conditions for albatross observation apparently. I still came away with 7 lifers (9 if you're separating your Campbell from your Black-browed Albatross and White-capped from your Shy Albatross).

Yellow-nosed Albatross

Black-browed Albatross (left) with Campbell Albatross. Not yet split. Note the pale iris on the Campbell.

Brown Skua (conspecific with Great Skua)

Campbell Alatross

One of the girls from Toronga zoo plays the Yellow-nosed Albetross

White-capped Albatross (not yet split from Shy) in Lindsay's capable hands.

Brown Skua, ringed and dispatched.

A 'big cow' Humpback cruised right under the boat.

Others included: Fluttering Shearwater, Northern Giant-Petrel, Shy Albatross, Wandering Albatross (type undefined), White-fronted Tern and a Striated Heron in the Harbour.

Later, accomplished Aussie birder and shipmate, Martin Cachard kindly took me to Barren Grounds in search of Eastern Bristlebirds and Ground Parrots. We didn't see any but did hear 5 Ground Parrots calling as the sun went down.


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